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Carousel USA is a full service vehicle turntable company that employs a talented team of designers, engineers, and installers. It creates and installs heavy duty commercial and residential revolving platforms and turnabout systems. A privately held business based in Los Angeles, California, Carousel USA has created state-of-the-art automobile, large truck, stage and restaurant carousels for some of the world's biggest corporations, organizations and private homes. Those who require the very best in turntable design, construction and installation need look no further than the experts at Carousel USA.

Owner John Thomson's lifelong fascination with all things mechanical became a necessity when a parking solution was needed for his own home. Originally built in 1936, THAT stately house suffered an extremely narrow driveway, complete with a majestic-but misplaced-250 year old California Oak tree in front of the garage. It all created a tight space; it made maneuvering his SUV nearly impossible, so John began looking for an answer: It came in the form of a vehicle turntable. Dissatisfied with the cost, designs and manufacturing quality available, John set out to make a better turntable system. His vision became Carousel USA, a company dedicated to producing the most innovative and superb residential and commercial turntables on the market today.

All Carousel USA products are developed in-house by our fully staffed engineering department for mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic design. Tooling includes the latest in high-tech computer equipment, complete with today's most sophisticated software packages for Computer-Aided-Design (CAD), 3-D mathematical modeling and ANSYS Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The applications of modal analysis, stress and strain analysis, as well as rotor dynamic analysis of drive trains and transmissions, are major contributors toward the reliability and quality of our products.

We take great pride at Carousel USA in the craftsmanship built into every one of our distinctive turntables. As a leader in the industry, we back our products and services with the most secure warranty available: a three full years of coverage that also includes parts and labor. Our residential car turntable electronics and controls have been UL approved and are consistently the best in quality, design and function. As part of our full service to our clients we carry complete product liability insurance.

Carousel USA - The innovator of spatial solutions that revolves around you.

Some of our Clients

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