Lifetime Features

We're proud of the quality components that we supply and the features that we build into all of our products.

Pin Drive System Carousel-USA Carousel-USA

At the heart of all our turntables is the pin drive system. Patented by Weizhong, it's a technically superior drive system, without the problems that are typically associated with friction drive systems. Advantages of the pin gear drive system:

• Elimination of friction wheel slip

• Elimination of periodic friction wheel spring adjustments. Springs fade over time.

• Ability to maintain precision rotational/angular accuracy and tracking. This is particularly important with antenna testing turntables and in other uses where backlash reduction or elimination is critical.

• Fewer moving parts to maintain.

Metal Surfaces

Redesigned and built to weather the test of time: For corrosive environments, only aluminum, stainless steel, and hot-dipped zinc steel are utilized. Metal parts are cut using ultra high pressure CNC abrasive jet equipment, creating high precision parts.

Remote Operation Carousel-USA

We use high quality remote control electronics from Tele Radio of Askim, Sweden. 4 Key chain style wireless remotes are typically provided.

Power & Drive Mechanism Carousel-USA

We only use the highest quality German gear motors from Nord, servo motors from Mitsubishi, and precision gearboxes from Stöber—also from Germany.

Wheel Assemblies Carousel-USA Carousel-USA

Our support wheel assemblies are designed and built in our own facilities. Built for a lifetime of maintenance free service, they're cast in steel, precision machined, utilize high quality dual bearing assemblies, and are fitted with high strength 90A (Shore A) polyurethane covering on our lighter weight capacity turntables. The polyurethane covering is used as a noise reduction feature, and is partially responsible for our turntables being labeled as some of the quietest available. For our heaviest duty turntables, we use solid steel wheel assemblies, where noise is typically less of a concern.

Limited Warranty

One of the strongest in the business. Carousel USA will repair or replace, free of charge, any part or parts found to be defective in material or workmanship or both for a period of 3 years. Certain conditions apply. In the unlikely event that repairs are necessary, Carousel USA is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for assistance.

Optional Features


Top Surface Options

We can supply a 3" tall "tray" and integrated inspection/service door to accommodate poured aggregate.

Concrete Carousel-USA

We can supply a 3" tall "tray" and integrated inspection/service door to accommodate poured aggregate.

Bricks or pavers

We can supply a "tray" and integrated inspection/service door to accommodate bricks or pavers.

Wood Carousel-USA Carousel-USA Carousel-USA

MDF or Plywood, or exotic hardwoods such as Ipe (Ironwood) can be supplied.

Steel Carousel-USA

Powder coated or hot zinc dipped, smooth or diamond plated.

Motion Control Systems Carousel-USA

Commonly supplied with web photography installations, and antenna testing installations, but other applications exist. Our standard motion control packages are MC-1 and MC-2, and include powerful html controllable software that was created specifically for web QuickTime VR photography.

Electricity and/or fluids Carousel-USA

Electricity for stages and displays, compressed air or gases. Fluids for heating (glycol for snow melting), or even a drain.

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