Motion Control Turntables

360° Photography and Immersive Video

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Capture 360’ Immersive Photography and Virtual Reality Video

Create rapid 360’ product views –ideal for automobile photography.  Using custom-cabling, a direct connection between your camera and the turntable will set and synchronize intervals between images. Snap 36 photographs (using 10’ indexing) to produce 360’, engaging views all in less than five minutes.

Choose a built-in, flat panel touch screen interface or access motion controller using a standard web browser; capturing 360’ multimedia with a motion control turntable will elevate a traditional customer experience to an omnichannel, interactive adventure.

Entertainment Venues and Attractions

  • Rotating audience or rotating stages
  • 360 degree auditorium seating- with a timed sequence show
  • TDA – Turntable-Divisible Auditoriums


  • Motorized, timed assembly lines
  • Engine factory for John Deere
  • Process enhancements; sorting, or positional movements
  • Production line direction change
  • Precision movements for a specified operation
  • Embedded rails on turntable surface

Custom Software

Feature-rich software enables batch image processing of bulk photos; uniformly adjust image size, color corrections, cropping, edit background logo/image. Instantly upload photos online with option for HTML executable file saving.

Custom Solutions

Please feel free to contact us to discuss a custom build. Carousel-USA can manufacture a solution to match any need you may have.