Common Factors That Play Into the Prices That You Will Pay for Turntables

As the owner of a busy car dealership, you know how important it is to have your best vehicles on display. By making these cars readily available for customers to see up close you are more likely to make a sale and bring in a profit for your business.

However, displaying your showiest vehicles calls for you to install fixtures like carousels on the floor of your dealership. You can determine how much you will pay for vehicle turntable prices by learning what factors influence their value.


The amount of customization that you include with your carousel order will influence greatly the vehicle turntable prices that you pay. If you order yours to be a certain height and width or be decorated with extras like lights and remote control access, these customized features can come at a higher price.

However, if you order turntables to be made in standard designs that the manufacturer displays in brochures or online, you could pay less. You have a significant amount of control when it comes to this aspect of ordering turntables for your dealership’s floor.


The price that you pay for turntables will also be influenced by their installation on your showroom floor. Most prices include the cost of installation. You will typically want to pay this cost because of how complex it can be to install one of these carousels on your own.

The manufacturer sends professional installers to your showroom to put in the turntable for you. You avoid having to hire contractors for the job, which can add to the cost of purchasing the turntable in the first place.

You can find out more about vehicle turntable prices online. Contact Carousel USA at (866) 796-5975 to discover more about the available models and what customization is available for them.