Surface Mount Turntables

– Not interested in digging a pit for your turntable?

– Thinking about moving the turntable to another location at some point?

– Looking for a QUALITY alternative to other poorly designed surface mounted options?

CUSA Model 40SSV

  • Turntable is 3.25” tall and spans 14.875’ in width; diameter of rotating disk is 13.12’
  • Accommodates most passenger vehicles
  • 6,000 lb. load capacity
  • Ramps included
  • Top surface comes powder-coated Flint Grey (Cardinal T243-GR522)
  • Requires an overall flat surface, but not necessarily level surface. (see specifications in technical drawings)
  • Controls and wireless remote; as well as controllable by a smart phone application
  • Single-phase power required: 120 volts, 5 amps
  • Nord Industrial Motor and gearbox
  • Direct, pin-gear drive; no friction or pinch wheels –won’t slip and require adjustments over time
  • 0.10 – 1.0 rpm speed (variable), CW & CCW rotation
  • Price is $14,375, plus shipping
  • Built for Self-Install. CUSA Installation is available at additional cost
  • Made in the USA

Our 40SSV Product Sheet can be found by following this link.

CUSA Model 55SSV

• 3.25” Height

• 18’ Turntable Diameter, 19.75’ Overall Width

• Built in 360 Degree ramps

• Powder coated top and structure

• Ideal for 360 degree car photography

• Comes with Standard Controls, with wireless remote, and CW/CCW operation

• Built in USA, with quality components, designed for commercial use

• Designed for self-install, but installation is available

• Price is $23,573, plus shipping Click Here for more details.