Top Surface Options

We offer a large assortment of top finish options for our turntables. Most common finishes include diamond-tread aluminum, diamond-tread steel, or a tray to pour a 3” concrete and/or tile finish. That being said –just ask, and we’ve probably done it!

  • Aluminum (6061 T-6), Diamond Tread or Smooth
  • Carbon Steel, Diamond Tread or Smooth
  • Stainless Steel, Diamond Tread or Smooth
  • Cabinet Grade Plywood (for application of wood flooring or other finish), Vinyl Flooring, Reclaimed Wood, Hardwood Flooring
  • Concrete, colored concrete, polished concrete, pebbled concrete, asphalt
  • Tile, Pavers, or Bedliner
  • Epoxy Coating over Surface Material
  • Vinyl wraps


We can supply a 3″ tall “tray” and integrated inspection/service door to accommodate poured aggregate.


Bricks or Pavers

We can supply a “tray” and integrated inspection/service door to accommodate bricks or pavers.


MDF or Plywood, or exotic hardwoods such as Ipe (Ironwood) can be supplied.


Powder coated or hot zinc dipped, smooth or diamond plated.

Metal Surfaces

Redesigned and built to weather the test of time: For corrosive environments, only aluminum, stainless steel, and hot-dipped zinc steel are utilized. Metal parts are cut using ultra high pressure CNC abrasive jet equipment, creating high precision parts.

Vinyl Wraps

New vinyl wraps available soon!