Power & Drive

Pin Drive System

At the heart of all our turntables is the pin drive system. Patented by Weizhong, it’s a technically superior drive system, without the problems that are typically associated with friction drive systems.

Undoubtedly the best method to drive a turntable; Drive systems based on friction, pinch wheels or similar drive arrangements are antiquated. The pin drive system provides accurate and consistent torque without the maintenance issues associated with traditional, friction-drive turntables.

Advantages of the pin gear drive system:

• Elimination of friction wheel slip

• Elimination of periodic friction wheel spring adjustments. Springs fade over time.

• Ability to maintain precision rotational/angular accuracy and tracking. This is particularly important with antenna testing turntables and in other uses where backlash reduction or elimination is critical.

• Fewer moving parts to maintain.

Power & Drive Mechanism

All our turntables come with a commercial-quality drive system manufactured by Nord of Germany. A gear reduction right angle gearbox, coupled with a totally sealed A/C or servo industrial motor.

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