Are you the proud owner of a vintage turntable manufactured between 1904-1930 by The Bowen Turntable Company of Pasadena California, or The Canton Foundry of Canton Ohio? Carousel USA is experienced in the maintenance, repair, reconditioning and electrification and motorization of antique turntables.

Carousel USA has successfully restored, and retrofitted Bowen and Canton turntables with modern electrical running gear, including the convenience of remote controlled operation.

Please contact Carousel USA for more information.

Vehicle Access Consulting

We offer custom-design services for vehicle access solutions that incorporate the latest in parking innovation including vehicle lifts and ramps. Carousel USA is experienced at designing solutions that are tailor made for some of the most difficult spaces to maneuver around.

Nationwide Service and Repair

We service the products we sell anywhere in North America and Canada. Carousel USA is available by telephone or in person to solve most turntable service issues. Please call or email Carousel USA for a consultation.