Upgrades your existing Carousel USA base turntable into a fast, automated 360 studio capture platform.


  • Upgrades your existing CUSA controls with the MC3 automated controller and the base turntable motor with the encoded motor.
  • Made in the USA, and comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • (NEW) Carousel USA Web 360 capture app works with Adobe Lightroom Classic and any DSLR camera, automating your 360 vehicle merchandising.
  • (NEW) Carousel USA Web app supports precision start-stop turntable settings and supports HDR bracketing capture with your DSLR camera including mirrorless cameras.
  • (NEW) Carousel USA Web app supports soft proofing and storage of your 360 spots, with customizable Web links you can publish on the Web including 360 interactive social media posts.
  • (NEW) We can install the Carousel Web app onto your server at your data center. Contact us for details and licensing cost.

“The new Carousel USA Web app has exceeded my expectations. It’s exactly what we needed for our 360 studio.”

— Charlie Godbold, Viking Appliances

Read the full press release here!