Residential Turntables

Automobile turntables provide the safest and most efficient solutions to entry and exit constraints imposed by almost any residential configuration. Carousel USA offers customers state-of-the-art designs with a greater eye to both aesthetics and convenience. Our vehicle turntables can be set in almost any place an automobile can travel. From houses with subterranean garages, to homes poised on busy streets, to mansions on a hill or overlooking majestic cliffs, Carousel USA has the expertise to take narrow spaces and potentially dangerous scenarios and create beautiful car turntables that provide the safety and convenience your family deserves in cramped spaces and dangerous sites.

Our team of advanced mechanical engineers carefully assesses each location, finding the perfect solution best fitting your vehicle space requirements. Whether your home has potential traffic hazards because of blocked sight lines, or you’re a two-car family with only one garage, Carousel USA turntables eliminate the stress and strain of limited mobility, giving you a garage that finally can be used for more than just housing a car. Our vehicle turntables can be installed anywhere that an automobile can travel. From subterranean garages, homes poised on busy streets, to hilltop or hillside homes with elevation challenges. The Carousel USA team is expert in transforming cramped, narrow and potentially-dangerous spaces.

Carousel USA is proud to offer car turntables that are virtually maintenance free; our turntables are dipped in molten zinc for a lifetime of rust protection and serviceability. Our years of experience in the industry has lead us to the development of turntable construction that combines the strength of solid steel wheels that are coated with an outer layer of high density polyurethane for whisper-quiet operation.

Car turntable capacities can vary as much as the companies that make them, but at Carousel USA we demand that all our residential carousels maintain a rate of 10,000 pounds constant operating load and a point load that can withstand in excess of 50,000 pounds. We use highly sensitive CPU units (the electronic brain), that can detect if a wheel is off the table or if objects block the pathway of your car. This precisely specialized equipment is designed to immediately sense any apparent danger and then initiate a fail-safe system that shuts the operation down before it grows. Once the problem has been rectified, your Carousel USA car turntable automatically resets itself and be ready for use.

Carousel USA also uses a special “pin-gear” design unique to the car turntable business. This design enables a superior system that eliminates many of the pitfalls and issues inferior drive mechanisms other companies rely on. Some companies still use old-school designs such as friction wheel drives, chain drives, wire drives and even center-driven sprockets, all of which are inconsistent and can create excessive noise while operating. These designs tend to require more maintenance and they are less cost efficient than our advanced pin-gear operating systems. Our years of experience and expertise on the mechanical science of automobile turntables have proved that the pin-gear system is better suited for clients who seek a higher quality of craftsmanship; it is one reason we use it on all our turntables, smallest to largest. It is this strict adherence to structural integrity, system sophistication and top quality materials that makes Carousel USA the leader in automobile turntables.

For over 15 years we have included the industry’s strongest warranty of a full three-year coverage that includes parts and labor. All our residential car turntable electronics and controls are UL approved and we carry complete product liability insurance. Furthermore, all of our installations are included in the price and are fully guaranteed.

From start to finish, Carousel USA will be available to you with open communications from our engineering staff, providing 2-D and 3-D plans that outline everything from site preparation to project completion. We are second to none in customer service and satisfaction — which is why Carousel USA is the number one choice for automobile turntables. We don’t just build residential car carousels: we create solutions to relieve vehicle congestion, increase parking capacity, improve safety and make your life easier and worry free.