Car dealerships are facing increased competition from both online and brick-and-mortar sellers. If you’re worried about staying ahead of the pack, you’ll need to attract more customers, make more money and advertise more efficiently. Here are just a few tips for getting the job done.

Dress to Impress

This applies to both showrooms and salesmen. You want customers to be awed by everything in the dealership, so go ahead and splurge on a parking turntable that will display your most luxurious vehicles. Not only will it send a powerful impression of your brand, but it’ll also simplify things like ingress and egress when it’s time to move inventory.

Add More Hours of Operation

Availability is one of the most important factors in a successful dealership. If you aren’t open when the customer has time to visit you, the odds are good that they won’t wait around for you. They’ll go to someone else. Make sure that your hours of operation match your customer’s needs, and don’t be afraid to stay late if a sale is on the line. To get daily updates on turntables, follow our Twitter page.

Offer More Incentives to Customers

Gone are the days when free oil changes were an amazing perk. Today’s customers already expect this courtesy, so you’ll need to raise your standards if you want to hook them. Offer them gift certificates for repairs and part replacements. Use your parking turntable to show them the complementary paint job that they can enjoy. Give them an extended service package for their entire vehicle.

These are just a few strategies that car dealerships can use to boost their profits and increase their customer retention rates. If you’re interested in the products and services that have been mentioned here, contact us at (866) 796-5975. We’d be happy to talk to you!