Benefits of a vehicle turntable from Carousel USA

Efficient use of Space Garages can be used for their intended purposes; homes can be built to maximize space; vehicle turntables enable things that couldn’t be done before.
Long-Term Reliability Carousel USA turntables have been in service for more than 15 years. We provide the strongest warranty in the business: three years, including parts and labor.
Minimal Maintenance Required Our turntables are built to be virtually maintenance free.
Full Support We provide full support from start to project completion. Our engineering staff supplies your builder or architect with custom 2-D and 3-D plans that outline site preparation through project completion. Unique sites and special requirements are our specialty. We’re known as problem solvers; our engineering staff is involved in every project, smallest to largest. We’re here to provide the assistance your project demands.
Equipment Installation Carousel USA always provides specially-trained field technicians to install the equipment, not just “supervise” the job. We insist on it, and it’s included in our price. Nobody is more qualified to do the job, and this feature assures optimal performance and minimal construction downtime. We’re typically in and out in less than a day.
Ongoing Support Just ask our customers about service and support. We are told it’s second to none. We stock and provide long-term spare parts and technical support services if they’re needed. Service contracts are not typically required for our residential installations. Our pin-gear design doesn’t require the on-going maintenance that friction drive turntables require, and our bearings are permanently sealed and lubricated for life.
We’ve installed hundreds
of turntables
See our Residential page for a sampling of some of the jobs we’ve completed.
Immediate Installation We stock our most popular residential models, keeping an extensive $500,000+ inventory in our California warehouse. This means no three month wait for your turntable. Order on Monday and you will likely get an installation the following Monday.