Commercial Turntables and Rotating Platforms

Car Dealerships, Retailers, Car Shows and Car Showrooms

Permanent and Temporary Installations

  • Our Model DX55SSV –a surface mount turntable– does not require excavation and installs in a few hours.
  • Turntable is 3.25” tall and spans 19.75’ in width; diameter of rotating disk is 18’
  • Accommodates any full-size pickup, including extended cabs/beds i.e., the Ford-F250 model
  • 10,000 lb. load capacity
  • Ramps included
  • Top surface comes powder-coated in RAL 7042 Grey Gloss (Cardinal P008-GR21) or White Texture (Cardinal C031-WH120)
  • Requires an overall flat surface, but not necessarily level surface
  • We have full featured turntables, for in-ground installation as well. Top surface choices range from any metal to masonry.

Operate with CUSA Standard Controls and wireless remote; MC3 motion controls for vehicle photography also available


Process Enhancements; sorting, weighing, or positional movements aided by turntable rotations

Production Line directional changes (assembly lines, mass production)

Precision Movements with a Rotational Function for a Specified Operation

Embedded Rails on turntable surface (frequently used for loading docks and various manufacturing processes)

Loading Docks, Large Commercial Vehicles and Heavy Duty Tables

Traffic Flow and Access Solutions for Industrial Use

We build and install turntables with upwards of 100’ diameters with 80 ton or higher capacities.

From stadiums and arenas in densely-populated areas to loading docks with tight turn angles –we design turntables to provide easy maneuvering solutions.


Entertainment Venues and Attractions

  • Rotating Stages and Platforms
  • Rotating Audience Seating
  • 360° Auditorium with motion-controlled, timed sequence show
  • TDA: Turntable-Divisible Auditoriums

Revolving Restaurants, Bars and Dining Spaces

  • From 15 feet to 300 Feet diameters
  • New restaurants as well as replacing or refurbishing existing revolving restaurant turntables.
  • Single rotating bars and platforms available for installation within stationary dining establishments. 

Antenna Testing Facilities // Radar, Arc Range, Far-field, near-field, emi, rfi, emc

Carousel USA has designed, built, and installed numerous turntable-based systems for antenna testing. Built for indoor and outdoor applications. Our projects include tables in excess of 80 feet in diameter and 100-tons of load capacity. Overall value is one of our strengths; but positional accuracy is probably our greatest strength. Our proprietary pin-gear drive mechanism is uniquely suited to the mechanical demands of antenna testing, and translates into insignificant levels of backlash. All of our systems can be customized to your specifications, and are capable of positioning accuracies to within thousandths of a degree.

Custom Solutions

Please feel free to Contact us to discuss a custom build. Carousel-USA can manufacture a solution to match any need you may have.