Product Facts

Liability Insurance Carousel USA carries full product liability insurance for its residential turntables.
UL Approved Carousel USA’s residential electronics and controls are UL approved.
Rust Protection Our turntables are dipped in molten zinc for lifetime protection and serviceability. Be wary of products that are not hot-dipped galvanized. Lifespan and serviceability are greatly affected. Insist on it!
Capacity Claims Not all capacity claims are alike; operating load capacity is the key. For example, Carousel’s standard residential turntables can withstand point loads in excess of 50,000 pounds before steel deformation, but we rate our residential turntables for a 10,000 pound constant operating load.
Installation Carousel USA installs all its products. Our installation specialists guarantee a quality installation and prompt service. Installation fees are always included in the price.
Safety The CPU (or “brain”) at the heart of our equipment knows when you have a wheel off the table or if there is a foreign object in its path. When danger is sensed, the system shuts down immediately, and then resets itself automatically.
Support Wheels Fifteen years of experience have told us that residential customers prefer their turntables to rotate quietly. Because steel on steel contact creates noise, we use solid steel wheels covered with an outer layer of high density polyurethane. Although they are more expensive to build than solid steel wheels without polyurethane, we find that our customers prefer to have the benefits that our wheels possess. Do you really want solid steel wheels on your next table? No problem: just ask.